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The initiatives taken at national and European level to combat climate change will have a significant impact on housing, energy, transport, food production, and thus also on the standard of living of citizens. Some Europeans feel a deeper and more negative impact from these changes than others. The project “Fair Energy Transition for all” aims to achieve ambitious and innovative goals. We want to help develop policies that not only mitigate the severe effects of climate change, but also take into account the interests of those whose voices are generally not represented or heard.

In the next two years, focus groups will be organized in 9 EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Italy). The focus groups will be composed of representatives of the public selected from disadvantaged and / or socially disadvantaged groups that are expected to be adversely affected by climate change and energy change. Thanks to the organization of 10 focus groups in phase 1 of the project, we will listen to the experiences, hopes and fears of these people, understand the challenges they face in their daily life and develop a picture of problems and possible solutions in each country participating in the project.

In phase 2, policy recommendations will be developed during meetings of stakeholders and experts from the public sector, business, academia and NGOs based on data obtained from focus groups. On the one hand, they will be dedicated to the national level, but on the other, on the basis of these recommendations, an EU-level task force will work on European policy recommendations.

The policy recommendations previously worked on by stakeholders will then be reviewed and ultimately targeted at each country’s decision makers. This will be achieved through 5-10 additional focus groups or a national citizens’ assembly.

Therefore, FEWE invites all experts who have knowledge and experience and would like to influence the shape of national policy to cooperate within the project by:

  • Support for project activities by sharing knowledge and experiences, exchanging views
  • Participation in meetings to develop policy recommendations
  • Participation in discussion groups, expert panels
  • Broad promotion of the positions developed under the project.

Please visit the project website:

Project manager: Sabina Kozińska, s.kozinska(at), tel. +48 786 940 969

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