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For municipalities

Energy management

We have long time skills in implementing energy management systems in municipalities with regard to periodical energy use monitoring along with costs and energy carriers including water, also at the level of individual buildings.

Based on the acquired information we develop specifications and summaries of the data sets and we develop optimization plans. We also offer automatic monitoring systems to collect data and manage such systems in buildings.

Use of our solutions is helpful in rationalizing and optimizing energy consumption by municipalities  and in their individual buildings.

Energy auditing and monitoring

In order to meet the present requirements for energy management in municipalities it is necessary to perfectly recognize the local energy related situation in energy management, fuels supply, environment protection and general performance. It is also affiliated to need of recognizing local energy budget, thus combining into an energy audit to provide necessary information on amounts of used energy and its efficiency. Audits are carried out as well in cubature objects, buildings and public service facilities, residential buildings and enterprises. We have a wide experience in that respect, since the number of audits performed or verified by us reaches a dozen or so thousands.

We can offer cooperation in the scope of energy audits developing and we can assure high quality, punctuality and effectiveness of implementation.

Energy planning in municipalities and local emission mitigation

Municipalities are obliged under  the Energy Act law to possess documentation confirming performing of the assumptions of energy management. Despite the related obligations, the fact of having such planning document brings real benefits for the municipality. This is because a plan presents opportunities to come from sustainable development with a basis for environment protection.

The questions of environment protection and sustainable development strongly link together the municipality’s people since they are connected with commonly understood and accepted local interest. We have a long-year experience in developing planning documents as well for small rural municipalities as for medium size and big towns and even for entire agglomerations. Our offer in that respect is strongly based upon our social and experts’ experiences. We have issued many programs of low emission mitigation aimed on improving air quality. We help in planning of using local renewable energy resources through developing plans of low-emission management and sustainable development related energy plans SEAP.

We have established our own high standard of such documents and analyses and an unique method for projecting sustainable energy management in terms of safety, costs and environmental impact or local economy. We take care on cohesion of our documents with other plans accepted by municipalities in the widely understood range of energy and environment management.

We always take into consideration the requirements of the Polish and international energy policy taking into account the local circumstances and expectations of our client. Owing to that approach, the municipality obtains possibility to gain financial or in-kind support from regional, national or international funds.

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