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For NGOs

Guide books, strategic and planning documents

We cooperate with many NGOs. The most visible sign of that is our participation in the Polish Climate Coalaition.

Together with other partners from NGOs and by ourselves we have issued guide books, handbooks and presentations aimed at education in the scope of energy efficiency and its importance to mitigating global climate change. We participate in Ngo-s gremials cooperating with law-giving authorities and executive administration at all levels.

Our publicity related activity and educational actions in that area include dozens of issues edited as hard copies and e-versions along with presentations on various for a, conferences and workshops.

The range of our activities carried out as well for as with the NGOs includes as well specialized guide books, such as energy savings in companies as cooperation in issuing individual NGO firmed strategic documents submitted to governmental administration organizations. These include ex ante evaluation of the Operational Program for Energy and Environment, proposals of alternative energy strategies, detail analyses on the potential of employment development affiliated to e.g. energy efficiency programs to be implemented in residential buildings sector.

Alike many other NGOs we put particular attention on mitigation of greenhouse gases emission, but we also strongly promote development of renewable energy sources that attracts attention of NGOs and at the moment requires a strong support from NGOs, due to a difficult and complicated legal-administrative circumstances for RES, that result from the understanding of energy production being in opposition towards the present scheme of centralized power sector.

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