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For SMEs and industry

Energy management and savings calculating

Rational energy management in enterprises is of crucial importance. We offer our services also in that range including energy audits and balances – energy budget. These may either cover individual production lines or entire enterprises. We also participate in further process of implementing projects oriented on rational energy use in enterprises – we prepare applications for financing of undertakings and declarations necessary to apply for energy efficiency certificates (white certificates).

Since many years we have been taking part in international projects particularly Intelligent Energy Europe, Horizon 2020 and projects co-financed by the EBRD bank (projects: PolSEFF, PolREFF) and by the GEF facility (project PEMP). Our reference list is very rich and diversified in the respect of range and scope of undertakings carried out. It covers almost all areas of energy use in enterprises – production technologies, lighting, heating, office equipment, media management (power, technology steam, ventilation and technology air) and other.

An inviting however still underestimated form of implementing energy efficiency oriented projects is to use the formula of contracting an energy performance effect thru an EPC – Energy Performance Contract and ordering the task to a specialized ESCO. We carry out any analyses on possibilities of implementing such projects even without involving any own means of the enterprise and without any investment debt.

We have translated, completed and are updating the Polish language versions of the IPMVP and IEEFP protocols, that are probably the worldwide best standards of evaluating and calculating energy savings.

We have been cooperating with many enterprises performmg energy audits, business plans, feasibility studies and other similar documents. Since we have an opportunity t involve experts from various technical branches we are able to issue energy-efficiency documentation for practically any branch of economy that involve SME-s.

Furthermore for industrial enterprises we develop industrial energy audits in a wide branch range.

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