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The Board and Program Council

The Foundation has established two managing bodies: the Board and the Program Council.

The Board defines the general guidelines of the FEWE’s activities, manages its current operation and represents the Foundation. The Board has also the right to change the Foundation’s Statue (except changes related to the Board members, its competences and operation mode). The present Board involves the following persons:

  • Szymon Liszka – President of the Board
  • Andrzej Kassenberg – Member of the Board
  • Grażyna Michalik – Member of the Board

The competences belonging to the Program Council include among other defining the direction of Foudation’s development, advisory to the Board and giving opinions on the current FEWE’s activity. At present, the Program Council involves the following members:

  • Zbigniew Bochniarz
  • William U. Chandler
  • Andrzej Kassenberg
  • Szymon Liszka
  • Ewaryst Hille
  • Jerzy Piszczek

According to the legal acts related, the supervisory organ for the Foundation is the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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