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Euro Topten Plus

Euro Topten Plus – extension and enhancement of the European initiative of promoting the most energy efficient devices, equipment and common use products – consumer oriented service provided thru and resulting from the project carried out in the years 2009-2011 under patronage of the Intelligent Energy Europe program.

The Euro Topten Plus project is basically oriented at mitigation of power consumption by means of selecting and using the best energy efficient household appliances and office equipment as well as by increasing the share on the market of the best energy efficient products.

As a member of the Consortium joining 20 partners (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and Italy) supported by the European Commission, we expect to achieve sufficient effectiveness in order to establish a fruitful dialogue with the international and Polish producers of appliances and we hope to create basis for new instruments and initiatives to promote energy efficient products.

The buyers should be aware of methods to compare and choose relevant products since they rarely waste time for collecting a bulk information dissipated among numerous sources. Ero Topten Plus is an “on-line” tool useful for searching the best energy efficient products by the buyers themselves, in various product categories (household apps, office equipment, electronics, lighting, cars, heating devices, motors, pumps, etc.).

The project shall give incentives to potential buyers to select energy efficient products (awareness effect) but also addresses the wholesale sector and retailers and is oriented on rising international pressure towards manufacturers aimed at producing by them more efficient equipment offered on the markets. A long term objective is to establish and maintain effective Topten websites in the individual countries and one international website that shall be used for exchange of experience. The planned result is to achieve a level of effects that might be helpful in market transformations towards increased share of energy efficient equipment purchased by the final users.

This result should support other existing and newly introduced mechanisms that promote energy efficient equipment thus giving a basis to develop further instruments and initiatives. Finally, the result shall appear as a system of monitoring market changes in the project area.

Compute expected savings:

Final report of Euro Topten Plus

Project Manager: Anna Bogusz

Project contact:  office(at)

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