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Premium Light Pro

Energy efficiency consists the focal point for European and local planning activities aimed at climate targets and Energy efficiency. The LED technology plays an important role in those plans since the both offers energy friendly technologies and acceptable lifetime of the equipment. This particularly applies to innovative lighting technologies to be implemented with use of LED systems as well in the private as in the public service sectors. The LED systems include many energy efficient lighting systems with high quality.

The European project named Premium Light Pro is focused on searching for solutions and supporting the development of effective policy to improve implementing of the next-level lighting systems. The projects refers to indoor and outdoor lighting systems and is applicable to private and public service sector. The objective of the project is to provide support to development of energy saving lighting coupled with the EU energy policy, thus involving implementation of new projects under provisions of the eco-design and labeling Directives and other policy instruments. Moreover, the project is to ensure respective guidelines for public procurement initiatives for LED lighting in the public sector.

The project has received financing from the European Horizon 2020 Program and is carried out  in 8 European countries. The project provides the following services aimed at implementing energy saving lighting system of the next-level quality:

  • Develop criteria for „green procurements” and defining guidelines for designing and installing,
  • Establish an information center
  • Develop and implement further modular-mode educational courses, for designers, architects, installers and consultants,
  • Determine and spread the best-practice examples
  • Directly involve into legislative activities in order to support LED lighting systems at the EU level and in the individual countries, thru implementing and improving respective policy instruments (tools to support EPBP, white certificates, contract templates)

The Project website:

Project manager: Łukasz Rajek,, tel. +48 506 362 448

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