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PERMANENT has been financed within the Intelligent Energy Europe program. Main objective of this project was to implement for a common use two kinds of projects important to developers and to investors in relation to energy efficiency undertakings. The project promoted the IPMVP and IEEFP protocols that address measurements of energy savings and risk assessment of energy efficiency oriented projects.

The project realization included series of trainings and printed issues. The major objective of this project was to overcome lack of confidence from the decision makers’ side and operators against predicted energy use. The key documents promoted within the projects have been edited by the EVO organization and have been adopted to the Polish specific local conditions. This predominantly applies to Polish industry and public service objects that are potentially most interested in pro-effective actions and take care of reliability of savings forecasts since these forecasts constitute a basis for investment decisions.

The protocols IPMVP and IEEFP are available upon registration on the EVO website

Detail information can be obtained from: Szymon Liszka, +48 603 621 333;

Project summary

Project manager: Krzysztof Wilk

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