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The PEPESEC project was initiated in January 2008 and lasted by June 2010. Financing was received from Intelligent Energy Europe.

Planning of Energy supply for municipalities is the first and important step towards sustainable development and energy management. Local energy planning provides a clear view on the local energy resources and on local potential of improving energy efficiency in different sectors of economy. The energy supply plan shall define so called “development” as a baseline and shall provide possible future scenarios. It must be done correctly in terms of clear defining of procedures and criteria, that must ensure high quality of the plans. Up to now a vast amount of experiences have been gathered related to projecting sustainable energy management on a local level thru energy planning and implementing, among others in the field of improving energy efficiency or developing the RES. A set of tools useful for local energy planning has been also made available.

The project task was to collect the up-to-now experiences and tools and their practical use for energy planning. The innovation consists parallel working in that respect in several European countries, permanent exchange of experience and mutual supporting and inspiring to solve problems.

Resume of he project

Project manager: Łukasz Polakowski,, +48 603 554 308

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