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The PEMP program referred to efficient use of power and energy in electric drives. It was co-financed from the Global Environment Fund (GEF) who approved this program within the scope of activities focused on global climate protection. The project idea emerged at FEWE. The master objective was mitigation of the Poland’s emission of GHGs by means of overcoming existing barriers against increasing the market share of energy efficient electric drives and better implementing of VSD.

Within the project a direct support was offered to the potential investors in defining the scope of undertakings to be done and seeking for financial sources for implementing projects along with preparing tender documentations that took into consideration provisions on required energy efficiency of the equipment to be purchased.

The project resulted also in a number of publications (see: biblioteka PEMP) and several technical and research papers and articles published in branch periodicals. The project team supported also development of the SEP standard: N SEP-E-006 “Energy saving electric motors (high efficiency motors). Requirements, selecting guidelines, comments” in the scope of provisions related to environmental criteria for public procurement for electric drives.

In February 2004, within the project, FEWE established an information-educational center (Centrum PEMP) with the purpose to disseminate knowledge about widely understood energy efficiency in electric drive systems. Another goal of this body was to give support to investors who implement projects in that respect. FEWE became also a focal point for the MCP Motor Challenge (MCP) in Poland.

The project was followed-up as the “Portal Efektywności Energetycznej w Napędach Elektrycznych PEMP” ( This action aimed at disseminating knowledge to the users of electric drives in order to make it possible to them to prepare and carry out on their own complete projects to retrofit electric drives they used to operate.

Project manager: Szymon Liszka,, +48 603 621 333

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