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The MarketWatch Project applied to the market supervisory organizations and social entities in order to support them in activities aimed at improving energy efficiency. Financing was obtained from Intelligent Energy-Europe and the project was carried out from March 2013 to March 2016.

In Poland some 33% of total energy consumption comes from households. This is more than for the industry. While industry is obliged to control energy consumption, the housing sector is not pressed anyway but only thru building thermal insulation requirements continuously tightened .So there is a need to promote energy efficient household appliances and to withdraw from the market the worst products. For this reason any household appliances available on the market must have relevant energy labels.

The MarketWatch project focused on market research in terms of fulfilling by the trade and sale entities the obligatory requirements related to household appliances performance. Guidebooks were issued for both sellers and buyers and some 100 devices were tested by authorized laboratories.

Final report for MarketWatch

Project Manager: Anna Bogusz

Project contact:  office(at)

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