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Euro Topten Act

Euro Topten Act – consumer’s service available on, is the result of the project financed by the EU Horizon 2020 program. This edition of the Program is the fourth one, scheduled by 2018.

Nowadays purchase of household appliance requires one’s to make a hard decision. This is because the market offers thousands of models and the manufacturers compete very strongly in more and more tricky advertising their products. However this is up to ourselves how much money we are going to spend to buy a device and what is even more important, what will be its operational costs. It is of crucial importance that the costs of energy are increasing and there are no reasons to believe that this trend will change. Therefore already during making the decision on a purchase we actually affect our future expenses.

The website is aimed on helping the buyers to correctly select an appliance. The Topten marks the best energy efficient set of 10 products in various categories of products available in the Polish market (household appliances, office equipment, cars, lighting systems, pumps, motors, solar collectors). This makes Topten a tool making it possible to search within a bog database of energy using products and comparing them one to another. The selection of products proposed by Topten is based upon their energy efficiency though also other important information is provided including trade mark, model, price, picture and amount of saved energy.

Topten is also useful to persons who prepare tender documentations related to green procurements. In the section Topten Pro guidebooks are available addressing the purchasers. These documents give examples of procurement criteria.

The Topten service is independent on manufacturers and dealers and relies on the labels, standard declarations, independent testing and analyses issued by independent institutions. At least one a half-year period the available information shown on the website is updated to be as close as possible to the actual market situation.

The Topten initiative is also developing outside Europe. In the year 2011 two new websites were launched including the best energy efficient ten on the Chinese market and in the USA (now this page is unavailable). Next Topten portals appeared in Chile and in Argentina.

We invite you to use our and websites. We also invite to the infographics on our initiative.

Final report Topten Act.

Project Manager: Anna Bogusz

Project contact:  office(at)

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