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Euro Topten

The Topten project idea emerged in the Y2k in Switzerland. During seven years the became a commonly known website promoting comparisons of 1200 products and visited by 1,5 million users every year. In the years 2004 and 2005 similar initiatives successfully emerged in France and Austria.

The European Topten Project was carried out within the Intelligent Energy Europe program. It was officially launched in January 2006 and lasted by the end of October 2008.

The objective of the project was to make any market choice done by a consumer meaning a choice of energy efficient product, as a standard habit. The project encouraged consumers to select energy efficient products by offering the purchasers an option of simple comparison and making a choice of the best energy saving products. Furthermore, the value of saved power costs to be achieved from use of energy efficient products were compared to similar models but less efficient ones and thus should have encourage the clients to choose the products recommended on the Topten lists

Topten was a tool addressing the consumers and helpful to them in respect of searching and comparing among any energy using devices. Through a simple click one may have access to an updated information on the best efficient equipment, divided into different categories including household appliances, office equipment, ATV and cars. The choice of products based upon the Topten system is determined by their energy efficiency and in some cases is associated to some other environment related parameters. Beside energy related specifications also other equally important information is provided, such as trade mark, model, photo and value of saved energy.

Final Report for Euro Topten

Project manager: Arkadiusz Osicki

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