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Efficiency 2.1.

Efficiency 2.1. New media for top informed consumers regarding sustainable and energy efficient products. Project was financed from Intelligent Energy-Europe and carried out between April 2013 and February 2016.

The project, addressing individual users, came down to promoting energy efficient household appliances. A free-of-charge application ecoGator was launched within the project, to support day-by-day energy saving habits at home. The application gave the possibility to take a smartphone (Android) photo of an energy label put on a given appliance and after sending this photo to the processing module, the application resends on the smartphone a basic info on the product. It also gives access to the product manual.


The „ecoGator” Application is available here Google or here Apple. A brief video demonstrates its possibilities.

Final report for Efficiency 2.1.

Project Manager: Anna Bogusz

Project contact: office(at)

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