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The project was continued between 2012 and 2014, financed from ERDF thru CEP.

The objective of this project was to disseminate in Poland and in five other countries a practical combination of energy services with the mechanisms of their financial support. This in turn meant that energy effective undertakings in public service buildings owned by municipalities could be provided by private entities with mutual benefits. This method is well recognized in the EU however in Poland it still encounters a lot of objections and obstacles. The CombinES project helped to join combined undertakings with the EU funds, understood as a lever and launch-pad for further financing.

The project target benefits included energy savings linked with e.g. street lighting thus resulting in lower coal use in power plants i.e. GHG emission mitigation. Investment for savings can be carried by private entities while the benefits based upon energy savings are calculated from the municipality’s position. Disseminating of this method is in Poland extremely difficult due to total lack of tradition in this respect and generally a full of doubt attitude by the local authorities. However such methods are worth to be disseminated and implemented.

Despite many obstacles FEWE succeeded in some implementations.

More information is available here.

Project booklet „Kompleksowa modernizacja energetyczna budynków. Łączenie umów o efekt energetyczny z systemami wsparcia”.

Project manager: Jan Twardowski,, +48 32 203 51 14

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