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Adam Motyl

Graduated from the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Silesian University of Technology,  Gliwice, specialty Gas-fueled and Dissipated Power Engineering.

Employed since July 2014 with FEWE, currently as Data Analysis and Modeling Specialist.

Main area of activity covers cooperation on projects related to energy planning in municipalities and business entities.

The projects carried out refer to a widely understood energy planning ranging from developing planning documentations such as: low emission management plans, assumptions for heat, power and gaseous fuels supply plans, sustainable energy planning (SEAP), programs of low emission mitigation, to implementing energy management systems.


  • Data collecting and analyses for planning documents issued by FEWE
  • Energy and economic analyses for planning documents
  • Energy audits
  • Technical and economic assessment related to RES projects
  • Implementing, training and carrying out tasks related to Energy management in municipalities (Energy Management System Data Base)

Other fields of interest: sport, geocaching, pure sciences.

Contact: +48 797 271 574; +48 32 203 51 14 ext. 24, a.motyl(at)

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