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Anna Bogusz

Graduate of Faculty of Biology and Environment Protection the Silesian University (Katowice) specialized in biology in the scope of environment protection (bio-indicative measurements, environment bio-monitoring).

Presently employed with the Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency as Project Manager.

Main scope of activity covers coordinating of educational projects financed from:

These projects address energy efficiency, particularly the eco-design area, labeling, energy efficient appliances, LCC analyses, and environmental criteria for public procurements (green public procurements).

She is involved with marketing activities of the Polish Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (PolREFF) –


  • Coordinating and performing educational projects
  • Applications for financing projects development
  • Environmental Impact Assessments, feasibility studies
  • Cooperation within development of planning documentation for municipalities
  • Organizing of: information, education, promotion actions, conferences, seminars, trainings
  • Editorial work on websites, preparation of e-learning and educational materials
  • Cooperation with the public information media

Contact: +48 603 554 814; +48 32 203 51 14 ext. 15, a.bogusz(at)

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