• Experience

    26 years lasting activity giving more than 1000 local and international projects.

  • Professionality

    High quality of our work is guaranteed by our experienced and skilled team.

  • Quality

    We can propose proven solutions tailored to the client’s requirements and coherent with the present standards.

  • Innovation

    We are open to an innovative attitude to the proposed solutions. We believe that no issues may surprise us.

  • Effectivity

    We work for you. Our experience joined with close cooperation with the client ensure a straight way to success in any project.

  • Personal development

    We are developing our skills and know-how to keep in line with the state-of-the-art solutions.

Current projects

Euro Topten Act

Assistance to consumers on seleting the most Energy efficient household commodities available in Poland.

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Support to market supervisory bodies on energy efficiency of the - INdustrial and tertiary product Testing and Application of Standards — INTAS.

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Premium Light Pro

Support to next-level energy efficient LED lighting systems.

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Polish Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility.

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